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he must have some pretty significant tearing in there for this to keep dislocating like it has been(or overly stretched ligamnets from constant dislocation). i was actually going to suggest pretty much what linda stated above. he is going to simply have to use something along the lines of a pillow and duct tape in order to actually keep this in place if the immobilizer is not able to keep it in place alone. believe me, i worked EMS for many years and we used duct tape in alot of emergency medical type situations all the time. it just "holds' really well and has alot of strength to it. i was also going to possibly suggest that maybe one of his docs here,either his primary or the surgeon could Rx some type of muscle relaxent like valium maybe just to keep 'him' in one place and calm down the RLS as well. this is just making matters worse for him in alot of ways as i am sure you can see for yourself. valium would be a good choice to help him with what he needs the most right now,at least til he can resolve this with a surgery. he should also have some level of steriod right now as well just to get that constant inflammation down too. i would make an appt with his primary and see what he or she can do for him while he is waiting for that surgery.

unfortunetly your hubby is alot like mine,a flip flopper while sleeping and also jerking while sleeping too. i do know just how really violent my hubby can get during sleep so i can only imagine how bad this nightime movement is affecting your hubbys shoulder too. this may be a bit uncomfortable for your hubby but trying to duct tape his shoulder area and the sling together somehow(perhaps with some very small pillows or even towels just tucked under the sling like on his chest side?) would possibly help with keeping it better immobilized. your just going to have to try different ways here til you find a good posistion of comfort for him and can still maintain immobilization too. he just cannot keep this up of he will casue more damage which will affect his surgery and how much overall repair will be needed,but i am sure you already know that.

just a suggestion here for ya since there is someone else on these boards who went thru her rotator cuff repair the same time i did,but she was a huge flip flopper too and had alot of problems at night as well. her arm would end up all over the place just like your hubbys does. if you go to the bone disorders board just down below here and post a thread to 'sammy",or just pop into the thread that we have there called marcia feelbad something or other(cannot remeber the exact wording but you will know it when you see it) and just address this to her,maybe she can give you some much better ideas as to what really helped her the most. belive me,she did and still does have this very same problem and was dealing with pre op and post op "nighttime' over movements too. i KNOW she will be able to relate to your situation. she is a really great caring person and i know she would be willing to at least try and offer you up some of her methods of dealing with this issue. but i would most definitely see at least his primary to just get help here til that surgery date can happen. this IS making things much worse in many ways and just has to stop ya know? hopefully he will be able to get this surgery done soon. hang in there hon, keep me posted too. FB