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Marcia you are a doll! I am so glad you put a bug in the nurses ear that called you.
you wait forever to get in & really depend on that time with your doctor & I would be irrate if I were you. That is uncalled for.
Now my PM had me come in today. What a mess, thank god my husband left work & met me there. I was a mess & dry heaves & all that good stuff this morning.
This PM is rumored to be one of the best & is a really nice guy but today he had me so confused I could not get over the confusion. Although my scripts said T1 & C areas, & the discharge papers are highlighted with those areas to he said he did not do the T area at all, & get this he is the one who said to tell his surgical staff to remind him to do the ribs & he could not remember doing the ribs, said he did not do them, but the nurse said in recovery he did. Now I will have to call my sister & go over again what was said. I was really confused.
He is raising my perco. & wants me to increase the valium, due to my husband speaking up. Funny he listened to my husbund but last appointment when it was only me he would not make one change.
If this raise in meds does not work he will move to along acting. I hope he remembers saying that. Of course if at all possable my husbund will be at the next follow up.

I have to go back in Sept 4 to get another set of ESI for the thoracic & also a intercostal nerve block (sp?), by that time the dang cervical one will be worn off, what a mess. So I believe thus far what happened is I assumed that the T area was done & went without my binder, do to the PM wanting me to try to do so, well that is the only real help I get in the rib & chest area. So all this time I am not wearing it & everything is going bonkers in that area.
He is still scratching his head over the ribs. He is not sure its nerve involvment but because I had abit of relief he will see what happens with this next set of ESIs. He does think the muscles are majorly involved thus far in that area. First he brought up the stomach & lungs & all that & my husbund let him know right away that I have had test after test to rule all of that out & he is tired of seeing me suffer.
He is the one who came right out & ask for an increase in my meds, & also told him I had dry heaves & in so much pain that the 1 perc in the AM does not get it. He ask if I could take 2, which the PM said yes, lets hope he remembers along with every four hrs. Which I hope I will not have to do much, who knows maybe this next procdure will work better.
But because this is new to me I did not bring my scripts in so he could not make the changes, he & his staff lectured me on not bringing them in, I of course let them know this is new to me & I did not even consider it, I did not anticipate a change to be honest, but would bring them in tommorrow.

I am asking for a copy of all those dang papers I signed & initialed, I cant remember it all, especially in pain & no sleep. I felt like a child being reprimended. I left not feeling to hopeful about anything. I am just a mess & feel totally stresssed out about everything.
My husbunds job is always on the line due to the economy & I just want to try these procedures to see if something will work in case we loose our medical insurance. I could not survive with no treatment & that scares me to death. I am serious. I try not to think about it at all, but it lingers in my mind with all the job loses here. My poor husbund works so hard & is so tired I hate to burden him more. He said no more injections in the ribs, that is if I can figure out if the PM injected there, I swear the nurse said yes & told my sister you can see the injection site. I am just blown away that there is so much confusion. I honestly think this doctor has such a huge amount of patients, to many. My husbund said he really likes him but even he admitted that the PM acted like he was abit clueless, he thought he never injected the T1 in the first set of ESIs until I told him he did then he looked back on the chart & said oh yes I did, well could that be why I had more relief with the first set? that was what I asked him. I will be asking his office tommorrow when I take my scripts in to please verify if the ribs were done or not, because I am really confused & I am letting them know when I go for the next set that I want to know every location of the injections, I do not want to be left wondering anymore. Crazy, dont you think? I will know more when I talk to my sister, she hopefully will remember what the nurse said.
This doctor I believe is one who does not like the Myofascial damage dx because he will not go there even when the surgeon wrote it on the script so I could get into PM.
I will tell you I am tired of starting over & not having a clue as to what is going on.
pain like this is caused from something & I do think that at least some is coming from the spine. Thats why I asked you about all that. Soon as I have some time I am doing my own research, not to self dx but to try to see if I can help the PM try to find out if there is an area we may be over looking. I swear my symptoms are so sparactic & can be different. I am getting the hip/leg thing & some dizziness when turning my head at times. I let him know today about the hip thing but he kind of ignored it. I am wondering if I do have issues in that lower back, the naturalistic doctor I went to see said he thought so with out a doubt & I have tried ot ignore it ¬ bring it up alot thinking it would just confuse an already complicated situation, I am clueless anymore as to if I am doing the wrong of right thing, but outside of the bone scan the lower back (lumbar) has never been looked at. What do you think? Think it could be causing any of this?

I just dont want to go another 2 or 3 yrs not knowing for sure you know?
So what do you think, my visit was as crazy as yours my friend, lol. I swear if this continues I am asking for therapy. He briefly brought up the SNS so lets see if it comes up in the future again. I will indeed look into the info you gave me, thank you so much. I have just been either busy or not doing great & that has held me back abit from coming on as much as I want to. I hope you are well, talk to you soon, Sammy