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My physiatrist's office didnt call me back today, even though the really wonderful lady who was going to talk to the dr. told me she definitely would. She has always helped me so much in the past with my neck. She also saw me crying 2 weeks ago in the office and was extremely kind. I never cried there in all the years. Its a miracle I am not a Valium addict the way i feel right now. I really feel like they just dont give a crap. I called them at 9AM and stayed home all day waiting. That's how sure I was that they would call. I feel like taking a Valium, but I will refrain. But this is exactly what I mean. And yes, it helps to lean forward. I notice that also when i walk upstairs...I lean forward because it helps. Walking downstairs is worse than up. Same with going uphill. downhill is worse.