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[QUOTE=Confused089;3687910]...Perhaps your dr. or pharmacy got a PA the first time [especially if it was about a year ago], or it just slipped thru the system - really, just guesses...

This is possible. And if it went smoothly, and was done before notifying me of the switch from methadone to MS Contin, then it may all have been handled up front. In that case I would not have known about it.

[QUOTE=Confused089;3687910]...I'm a little confused about what your scrip is.. ...I didn't realize you could get 4x/day of the lower strengths - interesting...

If not, my questions/comments are:

1. What is your total dose in mg/day?
2. How many times/day are you taking this dose?
3. How many pills are you using for this dose?
4. What did were you able to get from the pharmacy?
5. This is generic MSC?

Sorry about ths confusion. I should not have mentioned the switch from methadone. Without that it may have been more clear.

1. 540mg/day.

2. I use the 60mg tablets, taking 3 tablets every 8 hours. That's 180mg three times per day.

3. That's 9 pills per day, 270 pills per month.

4. I was able to get 120 tablets from the pharmacy on Monday, the Anthem monthly limit.

5. These are generic MS Contin tablets.

[QUOTE=Confused089;3687910]...if understand what you reported from the formulary [I saw the same one as cmpgrl, not the one w/ #s next to the meds -if you could tell me which of links shows tab numbers for drugs, would appreciated it]...

Here is a paraphrase of the text from the Anthem page I located:

"MS Contin is subject to Quantity Limits.

Prescriptions are limited to: ORAL PRODUCTS: 180 tablets MS Contin 100mg and 200mg. 120 tablets MS Contin less than 100mg.

The dosing limit supported by the FDA will be approved. No overrides will be granted for these classes of medications."

It goes on to say (paraphrased):

"Quantity Supply Limits:

[Most] pharmacy benefits allow up to a 30-day supply of medication in exchange for one copayment. This program defines a standard 30-day supply of medication for a select list of medications. If a medical condition warrants a greater quantity supply than the defined 30-day supply of medication, Prior Authorization of Benefits will ensure access to the prescribed quantity. For a list of medications in this program, [click here]. For a Prior Authorization of Benefits form for Quantity Supply, [click here]. For a Prior Authorization of Benefits form for Narcotic Quantity Supply, [click here."

"Members should refer to their Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for benefit details, exclusions and limitations."

It would do no good to paste the URL here because you get there via an internal guided search, which takes you from:

"Formulary Selection > Formulary Display > Restriction Detail"

[QUOTE=Confused089;3687910]...don't think you got a chance to respond to my question about whether or not you thought your lower tolerance was a result of these detoxes and if you experienced any severe depression after detoxing - if it's easy to answer these [yes, no] w/o sending the thread in a different direction, I'd love to know. OTH, if it's a long response, I should probably start a new thread...

...Let me know if any of the dosing stuff helped - sorry I couldn't quite figure it out from your post. Also, what's the name of the sheet you clicked on to get the number of pills allowed /med/month? I'd like to take a look but don't want to look at each of their sheets - it was a bit difficult to figure out...

...hoping you can just get a 2nd scrip of a different dose and that your problem will be solved. PS - one more q-- what brand of MSC have you bee getting? Has no bearing on your situation, I'm simply curious...

As I mentioned earlier, the generic brand is Endo, and they do an outstanding job. They are a brand name manufacturer of opioid analgesics in and of themselves and are highly regarded.

Again, sorry for the confusion. Maybe you could take a look at my newest info and see what you can recommend?

About the earlier questions - My tolerance was definitely affected by the detoxes. And yes, my depression was rampant. It made my initial exposure to depression look like child's play. The detox from the ultra-high fentanyl dose, cold turkey, was downright evil. They wrapped the sides of the hospital bed in layers of blankets so I wouldn't hurt myself thrashing. It started with the nurse taking off my fentanyl patches and I was given a huge dose of valium and shot up with buprenorphine, which is an opioid antagonist/partial agonist. It sends one who is dependent on opioids into immediate withdrawal. I remember feeling like I was falling, and spinning, further and further down until it was total darkness. I couldn't even see with my eyes open. During the worst of it I felt totally alone in my spirit, surrounded by total blackness. I was not aware of anyone else even when they tried to communicate with me. I was totally and completely alone. Couldn't see, couldn't hear, all I could do was thrash, moan, cry and thrash some more. This went on for three full days. On the fourth and fifth day I began to recognize others around me. They had never seen anyone detox off of such a high dose of narcotics, even the worst of the heroin addicts had it easier. I remember asking to be held. Not knowing if anyone was there, I just wanted to be held, for someone to touch me, but I couldn't sense anything. I cry now thinking about it. It was so awful, so dehumanizing. All because of the defective fentanyl patches.