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Oh boy, I have to jump in on this one. I was "addicted" prescribed sleeping pills. They are all "benzo's" and very very addictive after only a wk or so. Xanax and klonopin, Ativan, valium are the worst! Valium has a long life span so withdrawal is a bit easier, but the others very short life span, thus giving tolerance withdrawal while one is on them!!!! Most people keep "upping" the dose to get the desired effect due to the tolerance, not knowing they are addicted! They start having all kind of weird symptoms, thinking its anxiety or depression, aches and pains etc etc so they keep taking them in larger amts. I went thru pure HELL trying to get off a "low dose" of dalmane and xanax, not even taking them on a regular basis to boot! I thought since I was on such a low dose it couldn't be "addiction"? well I found out. Anyone on these drugs can not just "stop"!!!!!! it takes a long time of slowly cutting tiny bits off every few wks. It took me over a yr to get thru that hell! I see so many people "hooked" and unaware of why they have so many strange symptoms! It is well documented that "benzo's" are for use only a couple days and never ever long term!!! but doctors continue to throw them at patients to shut them up. An alternative for insomnia: low low dose of Mirtrazapene (Remeron) - like 7.5mg split a 15mg pill. that's an anti d, but it does put weight on!! Melatonin is another option, tylonel pm, magnesium, 5-htp helped me too, these are some of the non benzo's I use off and on. If you read more about benzo withdrawal you'll never touch one again. Again, anyone on these meds DO NOT STOP COLD TURKEY, people have died due to just stopping, slow weaning is the only way.