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Actually the dizziness was there before the ESIs (injections), but it is driving me crazy. I get these headaches in spurts. They will come & then go for awhile then reutrn. I do know they are hard to get rid of or find anything that will control the pain. So I have to assume because my neck hurts that is where it is coming from.
THe pillow thing drives me crazy. One doctor will say try this, then another this. I got the memory foam pillow & at first liked it but now it seems to hard. So I just bought I cheap soft one. I used my daughters which is really soft & I liked it so I thought I would try the softer one. I also tried the cervical pillow which was highy recommended but thus far its not doing much. So I am at a lose when it comes to the pillow thing. Woke up with not to bad of a headache but its increasing in pain already so I am disappointed.
Pain killers dont really help it at all.
I remember being given the ativan in the hospital & it worked very well. Then I asked my doctor at the time if I could try it after I came out of the hospital, well she bi tmy head off & I never asked to try a specific drug again. I am in Pain managment now so I am not sure if he would be more responsive to it or not. I am on the valium & have no addiction issues so maybe I will ask. First I would need to see if the ativan would work as a muscle relaxer. Thanks for the response. I am really getting alot of pain from this head & neck, so any suggestions are appreciated. Sammy
Hi, I just posted a reply to you about cervical headaches then saw this post. I mentioned in the cervical headache post about finally getting some relief from taking Imitrex, a prescription migraine medicine. I have had severe bouts of vertigo on and off for 15 years. About two months ago I got out of bed with a slight headache, but kept falling over to the left and running into the wall....I told my husband to get me and Imitrex and a low dose valium and after an hour I started to get my balance back and was able to get off the bathroom floor and go back to bed. I have also had physical therapy, massage therapy, trigger point injections, etc. and they all AGGRAVATED my trigger points and GAVE me headaches. My neck doesn't appreciate being TOUCHED by anyone except a bag of ice. I would seriously ask your doctor about trying a migraine med as your neck and head pain and dizziness sound just like me and I would have never dreamed migraine meds would help.
I think the valium works the same way the ativan does for me it takes away the dizziness altogether. Imitrex will look into it, don't know if your poast was for me but I'll take wathever advise I find. I too tend to pull more on one side than the other and like chrissy walking in the dark has become impossible (or closing my eyes). Now I don't know if I should go through the steroid injections. I'll think about it.

Wishes for all of you for a complete recovery