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Hi all, first time posting so i"m curious to read people's responses to the horrible feelings of anxiety,particularly in the morning. I have been dealing with anxiety for many years (10) and 6 months ago i fell into what could only be described as depression. I take valium and i also take Avanza (AD) and have found that it really is only a band aid for the root of my real problems.

One of my biggest fears is that i feel this horrible tension or vulnerability around the temple of the brain,(not a migraine).Almost like you're gonna snap or lose control. Does anyone else have this horrible feeling?
It only started happening this year when i started to spiral downwards. Not sure if it's anxiety but i seem to feel it more in the mornings along with the shakes, particularly on working mornings.

I don't have a stressful job infact it's the opposite, where the day seems to drag at times. I must add that i'm not in love with my work either.
Look forward to your responses.