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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi everyone,

I do remember telling you all I was not feeling really good and was going to stay home. I had purchased a candle from a firend and she at first was coming to drop it off at 11:30 but then got behind time wise and asked if I would meet her at the 12 sep meering to pick it up. I agreed and told her to also stop by after becuase I had something I made that I wanted to show her.

Now yesterday morning I woke up with some spasming in my neck. More than usual for that time of day so I decided to take the Valium in the morning and get it controled. It did help and then I took a shower and all that and went to the meeting.

I swear as soon as I sat down in the hard chair my head started to tilt to the right. (It is always somewhat tilted but not llike this) So I sat for a few trying to listen to the people talking and it just came on so fast ansd so bad I had to leave.
My sponsor was sitting behind me and I turned to her and said I am going home . SHe said she could see my neck and shooulder contorting .

I drove home and did take my long acting med and laid down with heat because the ER doc last time said heat was best,

When my friend finally got there she and I waited 30 min while I called the PM and left a message and then the Orhto and they said to go to ER so we left.

The nurse who checked me in was totally uncompassionate and not even looking at me or asking me really any questions. By the way when I become a nurse this is not the hospital I wish to work at because ...welll that is annother story.
They finally get me back into a room and leave me and my friend therir and don't even prop up the bed. We can't get it to work so we finally got someones attention and got that done. That nurse was a different one and she brought me a warm blanket.

So then the doc comes in and he was real nice he was very understanding and considerate. He asked me flat out what works to get the spasm to go dowm and relax some? I explained about the different drugs to the nurse who checked me and barley looked at me, but when the doc asked me again I repeated all the info again and he said he wanted to gove me some IV fluids and some valium and some Demoral. I thanked him and he said he would be back to check me in a bit. I also told the doc that last time this happened gentle manipulation of my head after being give the meds was something that laso helped.

The next peron who came in was a nurse I believe and he was a big guy and not cool or nice really. He was just there to set up the IV and what not.
Sometimes when I get in that much pain I cry or I get real quite or I will even start to mumble and sometimes be craking off the wall kjokes. So this time I was craking funky jokes. He really did not seem to think they were funny so I tried to knock it off, but I could not help it. WHen he first walked in the room he had on the brightest pink shirt I have ever seen and I said "hello bright Man" This is what bad pain does to me sometimes.
I was tallking to my friend Kelly who was there with me for a while and I said Kelly, ( i am crying now) this is all going to make me a better nurse ya know!" and the big guy setting up my lIV said no it wont it will just make you guage your patients by your own pain experiences. I was shocked! I said look bud every person experiences pain in there own way and I have been doing it for so long that I have become good at pushing forward when I should not . I now how it can effect a persons life and and I know my experiences will make me a better person. Actually he must of been an RN because he did push in the first stuff into my IV and then I could no longer talk right..lol

I cant believe this spasm come on like this. I am so tired of this all and I just can not wait until the day is finally here. I have never experienced these kinds of spasms ever in my life. They are so painful and scary when they happen.

This time I feel I did alot better at handeling myself when it strted to get real bad. I was not to focused on the scarriness because I know know what they are and how and what and what is done to help them get better.

The thing that worries me is having one of those after my ACDF fusion surgery. I would bet the pain would be worse than it was yesterday. The pain I had yesterday was oretty well off the chart so it is tough to think of it being any worse.

Last night I kept jerking awake which i think is from the Demoral and I was sooo hot all night. I am finally up this morning and already had my coffee.

The aftermath of yesterdays terrible spasm has now left my entire left side full of burning pain from my neck all the way down my back and into the shoulder and clavical.

Today I set an appointment to do some religous things that I wanted done before surgery so I need to make the appointment at 2:30 pm today.

I know this is another long post from me but I guess I gotta get it all out.
I thank you for reading.

Good Morning everyone.

Toonces thanks for your support! I think you are right about bright shirt Guy! I must have been in a lot of pain to have said that right to the guy out loud. lol My friend and I talked about it yesterday. She said I was pretty finnuy and that was all before the pain meds. She told me I had a full range of actions going on. One minute I would be crying big time from the pain and the next I would be quite or cracking a joke.

I will go into the spinal cor area and see if I can find the post. I actually have read many many posts here and on another forum about the surgery, and I have an idea of what to do and expect ..I guess, but I think we can never be totally prepared for what comes post-op because eveyone is different.

This morning I really feel the aftrmath of the spasm. My entire left side from my neck all the way down to my hopline is just totally on fire. it has not felt quite like that for a while now. Not since before I saw the PM last and he said I could use 1 valium a day.
I think the spasm just made everythnig totally inflammed there so I am going to work on getting the inflamation down as best I can before surgery.

I would like to go to church today but If I can't get the pain down from where it is right now...welll then I will stay home and read and watch TV.