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Hi - I, too, had an addiction problem with Valium. I started taking it to help with sleep problems. Sometimes if I couldn't get to sleep, I would take another 10 mg. pill. Since I had no problem with refills (this was before the strict regulations), I took one every night whether I needed it or not. I had no idea that I was becoming addicted with only taking one a day! Then I had to get a new internist, who refused to refill my prescription and was horrified that I had been taking it for so long (20 years-one pill a night). Fortunately, I had some pills left, so after trying unsuccessfully to stop cold-turkey, I decided to taper off. When tried cold-turkey, I became very agitated and anxious; so I started to wait until I really needed to take a pill and would take 3/4 of a pill. Then the next day I would take 1/2 pill. That would take the edge off my anxious feelings. Finally I was able to stop taking Valium altogether. Before doing this I had called an 800 number for addiction and was told that I would never be able to stop taking the drug unless I went to a drug addiction center. So, it became sort of a challenge and a necessity to do it on my own! I had no idea where to start with an addiction center!!!
My advice is to be sure you have enough pills so that you can taper off so that you won't be panicky. And, of course, you have to want to be free of this addiction! Good luck! Please let us know how you do:angel: Mabent