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I have to admit I am a definate type A, infact probably if there was one would be considered a triple A. My family tells me I am abit on the OC side.
I realize I can be my own worst enemy & the Rehab doc pointed out that I was not excepting my limits & that it would make the pain even worse. Actually the man was yelling at me, telling me I had better learn to except my limits. Then proceeded to put me on xanax on top of valium, which of course I did not take. After being furious with this doctor for all the yelliing I realized that he was right. Kind had along talk with myself. I still struggle with this but have learned to let certain things go or pay for it. For me it was one or if not the toughest things to deal with. In some ways control comes into play & I had to give up control of certain aspects of my life & learn to depend on others, which is the toughest thing to do for me. I do not like to rely or depend on anyone. So instead of like tackling that closet, or letting it eat away at me, I just shut the door & will do what I can when I can. In some areas I just cant give in, I guess unless I am tied to the bed I will never change. I sure do appreciate all I can still do & miss all that I cant do.
My family is just beginning to realize all the things I did, only because I cant do them anymore & the responsabiliy now falls on them. Lets just say there is alot not getting done,lol. Sammy