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I just had this surgery done about 4 weeks ago and I'm totally fine. The getting put to sleep part is the easy part. You'll be sitting there talking to the nurse and then all the sudden, the next thing you know, she'll be waking you up again. Although time has passed, you're completely unaware because you're totally asleep. I have had 4 surgeries and I've always thought the getting put to sleep part was really cool. I'm really surprised at how instantaneous it is! It's really, really neat.

Secondly, the surgeon is required to tell you that there's always a possibility of having to get the open incision rather than laproscopy because if they didn't tell you, they could be sued for malpractice. I've known almost 10 people who have had this surgery (including myself) and we were all told about the open surgery but none of us had to get that done. All of us had the laproscopy because that's how they do it now. It's only in rare cases they need to do the open surgery.

The loose clothing thing is just so you're comfortable. Not sure why that would make you nervous? Every surgery I've had, regardless of what surgery it was, they said to wear loose clothing because it's just more comfortable than wearing tight fitting jeans or whatever. Is there a particular reason why that would make you nervous? I guess I just don't understand your concern?

I was afraid of the diarrhea thing too, after reading posts on here about all of the people having that problem. But I'll tell you, I'm back on a regular diet and I've eated some things like fries and ribs and stuff - not a lot but some - and I've been just fine. I've had pizza with no problems. I am actually having the opposite issue where sometimes I feel more constipated than anything else. I think I have to start taking fiber pills or something. That's probably what I'll do.

Anyway, I was really scared before doing it because I'd never had incisions before. But it was pretty easy overall. There was some pain where the laproscopic incisions are, but since you've had a C-section, then this should be nothing compared to that!!

Speaking of which, you've had a c-section, this gall bladder surgery should honestly be the easiest thing ever for you! At least you have a frame of reference for how it feels to have an incision in your abdomen. I didn't know what that was going to feel like, and I kept thinking something was wrong. You have that benefit of knowing how it's supposed to feel so I'm sure you'll be just fine.

I keep telling people that go into surgery of any kind that the getting put to sleep and actual surgery part are the easy parts. The hard part is the recovery afterwards when you go home and have to fend for yourself without the nurses. That's when it gets difficult. But they put you to sleep during the surgery and it's so cool how you wake up as soon as you fall asleep.... I always enjoy that part of the surgery. But I'm terrified of needles so getting the IV put in is kind of a trauma for me.

Speaking of panic, I was crying when I was getting prepped for surgery because of the IV needle. So they gave me valium and it helped a lot! I felt my entire body completely relax! So, if you need a valium, tell them and they will give it to you. Believe me, it works better than you may realize!!