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I just joined the group today. I've posted in a few threads, but thought I would put all my symptoms out in a new one. It all started early summer (late June). I suddenly was feeling light headed, a little ear discomfort, and getting what I thought were "dizzy spells" feeling like I'm going to pass out. I saw my reg. doc, who said I probably have an inner ear infection, and put me on antibiotics. Also gave me meclizine. After the 10 days of antibiotics, it started getting worse again. I went back, had to see a diff. doc (mine wasn't there that day). He gave me a different antibiotic, and did look in my ears and did the fluid pressure test thing, which hurt, but said it was normal. Sent me off with same diagnosis. After another 10 days, it got significantly worse. So I was refered to a ear nose and throat doc. Who put me on valium, and set me up for an mri 3 weeks later. The valium started giving me side effects, mood swings, forgetting things, panic and anxiety, so I went to the er one night when my symptoms were worse, and got a cat scan which ruled out a tumor, and went back to the reg. doc the next day and got lorazapam for anxiety. They also sent me to a different ent who did a hearing test, and a few other simple tests to rule out inner ear. While he thought he ruled out inner ear, I was refered to a neurologist, and the neurologist did the ent test to confirm or rule out inner ear. The mri came back fine. Blood tests for lyme disease, thyroid, anemia, and pottassium were fine. So I'm waiting for the results of the eng which was very uncomfortable and caused left ear and head/neck pain. After that I've been told by the 2nd ent doc that he can send me to boston to a specialist for "people like me who are hard to diagnose and don't have a common problem". So any guesses out there? I'm not working much from this, and trying to take care of my 8 yr old type 1 diabetic girl who has also been sick all summer (with no results of cause) which is a job in itself.
So today my neurologist had the nerve to tell me I have anxiety, and need to see a psychologist. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? My balance/dizzy problems that started 3 months ago, have nothing to do with anxiety. My life is the same as it has been, and while I always stress, and have migraines, anxiety is only something I have experienced while taking valium, and when I was worried I had a tumor...this spell lasted 3 days. And seeing a psychologist is supposed to CURE this issue I have had for 3 months?? So get this, after all that being said, she calls me back and tells me she went over the mri again, and discovered my sinuses are abnormal. Could my problems REALLY be from a sinus issue? I've tried looking it up, with no explanation. I do see my reg. doc tomorrow, and will see what he says about this, but to tell me to see a psychiatrist is RIDICULOUS, and is not going to solve my symptoms.
well after having new neck/shoulder muscle pain, and headaches everyday lately, I went to the doctor and found out I have an enlarged thyroid. I'm wondering if this is a RESULT of a virus that made me dizzy, and now effected my thyroid, OR the thyroid was the problem all along, but just didn't show when they did the first blood test. The doc also ordered an ultrasound to measure how enlarged it is. I'm not as dizzy as before, but still wake up some days (1-2 a week) feeling dizzy...still have a few of the valium left that I was on before.