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Hey everyone. my name is Ryan and i suffer from chronic (lower) back pain. when i was 17 i was skateboarding down a dirt hill (i know stupid right) and going too fast fell off at the bottom of a hill and ended up wrapping my back backwards around a fence pole (a nice thinck one). the pain was horrible. i went to my normal family doctor (not a kids one) and told him of the incident and that i was in severe pain. he barely checked me, gave me flexeral and sent me away. since then i have been back several times (over the past 3 or so years, i am now 21), given tramadol the second time for the pain and told to do physical therapy. ive been to an chiropractor and acupuncture bit aswell. this last week however i found myself struggling just getting from class to class around my campus and it is disabling me from working aswell. i go back to my doctor and brought my father this time for support. i told my doc that i have tried all he has said (including all the over the counter meds ive tried ie.. motrin, aleve, asprin ect...), taken his meds he gave me (which are no better than asprin for the pain). he scheduled me an MRI which i take to day (sept12), and he prescribed me Valium this time. once again, it puts me in a solemn calm mood but the pain is still there and i am getting no sleep at all, i want to ask him for pain meds but am afraid he will think of me as a junkie since i am young (i am not a junkie!), i even called and said the meds werent working on the pain and he said to keep taking the valium until the MRI. Any thoughts or expiriences anyone can share with me? i guess what im saying is, it would be nice to have no pain and get some sleep every once in a while, obviously there is something wrong with my back and the pain is constant!