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Hi all. I just discovered this site a little while back, and decided tonight to join in order to get (and hopefully give) help. The problems I've been experiencing for a year now affect my head and neck (headaches, neck pain, dizziness), but began with an inner ear problem, so this is the area of these boards I am posting this.

One year ago I turned over quickly in bed and got vertigo, which lasted around 20 - 30 seconds. I stumbled to the bathroom and, after wretching a few times, my wife drove me to the ER. Diagnosis was Labyrinthitis. I had no other symptoms, and had not been sick or anything prior to this. I did experience dizziness the two mornings prior to the episode, but no vertigo. I was prescribed Valium, took one, slept and felt better.

I still felt 'off' for the rest of that week, but no vertigo had returned. One week later, I experienced a violent "pop" in my neck when I merely looked down while sitting on a barstool in my home, which made my left arm jerk wildly. It scared me, as I had never experienced this before. About 4 days later, I was out eating dinner, and started feeling really lightheaded and unstable. One year later, this feeling has not gone away, but has lessened only in it's severity.

I saw an ENT doc, who diagnosed vestibular neuronitis. My primary care doc thought it was BPPV. The Epley maneuver was performed by him, the ENT, another specialist I saw, and a Neurologist, and no vertigo was present.

For months I had severe pressure and pain in my head, particularly at the base of the skull. This has lessened over the last year somewhat. Doctors' theories are that it is a stress response to the inner ear damage I have. I've tried acupuncture to no avail. I've had a brain MRI & cervical MRI, all with normal results. I had an ENG test, which showed a 40% lessened vestibular response in my left ear. I had previously (20 years ago) been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, which numerous doctors have said could not be a cause of my symptoms. The lightheadedness made me think there were blood flow issues, so an ultrasound of my corotid arteries was done, and even a CT Angiogram of my head and neck, for which the results were all normal.

I've gone through vestibular rehab, where no vertigo was ever recreated using the Epley maneuver. I did exercises at home for a few weeks, but it didn't seem to help. The therapy sessions were ended, as she said she could no longer help me. I tried acupuncture, with no improvement.

The symptoms I feel now are aches in the base of the skull, and my head is painful to the touch on top/back part, and causes dizziness when pressure is applied to it. I still feel some instability, but balance is good overall. I've not experienced vertigo since that first day a year ago. I have developed problems with heights and chlostrophobia, and had to cancel a Hawaii trip as I didn't feel I could handle getting in a plane (I already hated flying, but it is impossible now). I feel like all the doctors I've seen think I'm a hypochondriac because all tests but the ENG are normal. I am feeling some pain and discomfort in my neck too. I work shift work, and am up all night half the time. I have a new baby on the way and really want to get some answers and start feeling better before he/she is born. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My heart goes out to those not feeling well on these boards, and I hope you all get some answers and start feeling better soon!