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Yes it makes sense. Living under a constant cloud is very taxing.

I have been off all meds for about 6 months, other then meds when I had the horrible vertigo attack. I just got a rx for verapamil and will start that on Sat after my husband is back. My dr wants to do that for 4 weeks and then add Effexor XR. I think I had mentioned before that I had a terrible reaction to Lexapro and am terrified of this type of medication. I also know that this isn't going any where on its own, so.....

Do you take anything like valium? Everyone seems to think it helps. I'm not so sure it helps me. It makes me very tired, even a small amount.

Hope you are doing well. It makes me feel hopeful when I see your posts.

Hey ck,

Thanks for all the info, as for valium, I use klonopin, same family of meds but not quite as harsh, I only take 1mg three times a day, it does make you a little tired but not as bad a valium...be warned though get a docs advise before taking anything and also this stuff is HIGHLY additictive over a long period of time, valarian root is the herbal counterpart of valium, it is were the drug was derived. You could try high doses (check with doc) of High quality valarian to see if you get anything:)

The quality is almost more important then the dosage, I honestly don't have any idea of which herbal co. are better then others, but I know that I did take a lot of different seratonin regulating meds, zoloft etc., and they never did any thing, but valium and klonopin did, hence why I think we all may have very similar symptoms but are "cures" might be a little different, and the only wasy we are going to find em is keeping in touch and doing most of the homework ourselves.

Lord knows we can't be like this forever, its like living in a mental cage keeping us from being the real us.

ck you have any time at all when these symptoms went away, or at least got a lot better, if so when and how:)

And your description of your symptoms is very good (well not good theyre bad but..) especially the gas fumes in vision, got the same thing of course, but never thought of describing it that way. I would honestly try the muscle relaxing meds like klonopin if your doc is up to it, if you read up on vs "visual snow" a disorder like ours but just the visual part, they most comonly treat it with klonopin, and to think the doctors thought i was crazy 13 years ago when i told them klonopin helpes me see better:)


I have 4 kids...well, 5 if you count the husband!!!!;)
CK, I do have Valium in my purse "just in case" but I heard that they are a bear to wean off. I don't think I have used one in many months.
Krayon, I do think I have a mild TMJ, as my jaw has locked from time to time and/or popped when opening. I got a mouth protector from the dentist awhile back because I have been known to grind. But I am thinking that TMJ can cause migraine headaches...I don't get or rarely get a headache, but I will pursue this further when I go for my dental. The doc's don't really know how to reduce the immflamation that triggers these sx, but I think you have to break the migraine cycle first ( I had to as my sx were 24/7) in order to figure out your triggers, then you want to avoid the triggers. My triggers can be a bit challenging and to name just a few, Flourescent lighting (I do wear a visor now), mentrual (which can also cause immflamation in various parts of the body, for example the inside of my cheeks swell a bit, so I can see that then there would be inflammation in the vessels in my brain during this time.
I wonder if this is like the age old question of how does one get Cancer. In some it is hereditary, like migraine is, but for others you could say well, they were around envirnmental pollution or they ate too much meat etc....in some people , you may never be able to pinpoint the how's and why's. but you treat the cancer with things that have been "proven" to help...like migraine meds, they prescribe what has been known to help...but we may never know "why" one person gets cancer/migraine and the next doesn't.
As far as the natural approach, my migraine doc is very much in favor of trying things...for example he highly recommends Migravent...this dietary supplement has 133mg Riboflavin, 100 mg Magnesium and a blend of Butterbur Extract,CoQ10 and Biopurine. He recommends 5-HTP...so we did these first, but my sx were bad enough, that when I wasn't getting relief after a couple of months, we went the prescription route. I try to make time to relax and empty my mind 1-2 times perday to reduce stress, as stress is a huge trigger for all migraine sufferers. I remember being so excited when I learned I was anemic, because I thought, this is it, this is why I have a dizzy head....I got my levels back up with Iron supplements and the migraine issue didn't budge...at that same time I learned that I was Vit D deficient, again hopeful that this was it, this was my issue....got my levels back up, didn't budge the migraine. I did Harmone Saliva testing. I learned I was a couple harmones low. Most importantly progesterone....I went on oral drops of Progesterone, then had to switch to the pill form, and while I am thankful that we are getting all these areas back to normal, for me, they haven't put a dent in my "Healing" of the migraine.
So, here I am still a proponent of the natural route, I am darn thankful for prescriptions, so that I am able to have my life back...albeit, not quite the same.

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Howdy Everyone!

This is a great thread, and I really appreciate reading what all of you are going through.

My symptoms started June 6th (almost 5 months ago). I was getting ready to go on vacation, and started to get a spinning feeling in the evening. I thought I was just tired, and went to bed. Woke up with the room spinning so hard I couldn't move. Wound up in the ER.

From there I was on a steroid / meclazine / valium / and anti-nasuea drug I can't remember cocktail for a few days until I could get in to see my ENT. I also ended up with severe diplopia (double vision). It took me a couple of days until I could get up and walk unassisted to the kitchen or bathroom. I was in a cycle of taking meds, crashing out, waking up, eating enough so I could take my meds, then crashing out again.

I saw the ENT, and he told me I could either stay on the meds and not get any better, or drop all meds and "face this head on" and that after a couple of weeks of stumbling into things I might get better.

He also sent me to a Neurologist, who was very concerned about my diplopia. I had my first MRI, and it came back clear.

A month passed, and no relief in symptoms. Dizzy in the 7 range, 24 x 7. Brain fog in the same category. The neck pain also set in at this time.

I went back to the ENT and had the full work up. He sent me to a Vestibular Rehab Therapist who I worked with 3 days a week for 2 months. She put me back together so I could function. When I walked in, I couldn't stand in place with my eyes closed, I would fall immediately. I would never have passed a field sobriety test since I couldn't walk heel-to-toe for more than two steps. Anyway, after the 2 months I could stand for 30 seconds with my eyes closed and walk around pretty well. During this period, my Neurologist sent me to have my carotid arteries scoped to check the bloodflow to my brain, which came back fine, as well as an imaging EKG, which was also good.

Which brings us to the last two months. My symptoms have decreased to about a 4 out of 10 across the board. I am now able to put in a full day at work (I was out of work 100% for the first month, then started doing mornings at the office, home at lunch, crash out for the afternoon, then do some more work in the evenings). My diplopia has pretty much cleared up.

My biggest problem is I can't drive. Being the passenger in a car doesn't bother me, but when I get the wheel in my hands my brian seems to know I now need to control everything, and it starts to overload real fast. I've tried a couple of times in a parking lot, but even with no other cars or traffic lights to deal with I am drained after 10 minutes and have to go lie down. This sucks. I like my car and I like to drive.

I really miss my evenings as well. When I get home from work I'm toast. The dizzyness and brain fog have increased, and all I want to do is eat and vegetate. I can't fall asleep, though, so I just have several hours of being out of it every night.

I have been off of all meds except my hypertension prescription and daily aspirin (which was upped to 325mg by my Neurologist). I do keep Valium and meclazine for when I travel (I've had to fly three times since I got this) so I dope up just before getting on the plane, and arrive feeling ok at the other end.

The most honest appraisal of this entire condition was one I got from my Rehabilitation Therapist. I asked her if I might wake up some morning and this would all be gone.

She told me: "We get people in here all the time with a condition like a broken arm, where it has been in a cast and due to atrophy it is now at 50% of its original stregnth and mobility. Through weight training and stretching, we can get this back to 100% in most cases. You walked in with a 50% decrease in function of your vestibular system. If we can get this up to 75%, we will count that as a successful outcome."

I went home and cried. I couldn't fault her for being honest, she's worked with vestibular cases for 20 years. I just want a road map back to 100%, and I haven't had any of my docs give me one.

Anyway, over the past month I've gone back to the ENT, and had two steroid injections direct into my bad inner ear. No help, just really a scary procedure. I have also tried accupuncture with some positive results.

The bottom line I have learned from this is we can't get any kind of definitive diagnosis as to what triggers this (I didn't have a cold, flu, a flu shot, caffeine, or alcohol before mine started) and we can't get any definitive answer as to when it will end. I do know this has brought my family and I a lot closer, and I have a lot of friends that show their concern in many thoughtful ways. We all need to take this a day at a time and look for the good things, which are abundant.

Sorry for the long post, but it feels good to get this out there.

Good luck, and God bless you all,