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Two weeks ago I had a two level fusion, C56, C67. Surgery went very well. Was out of bed same day, went home next day.
I hate the Aspen Collar.
Was on liquid diet for 10 days. Now Ive advanced to soft foods. For some strange reason Ritz crackers are very easy to eat. I've recovered very well. so far.
But. I have Fibromyalgia and am in the most incredibly bad pain from my right shoulder and down my arm to my hand. My neck is fine.
So. Lyrica is being suggested and I'm confused.
At the moment I'm taking a truck load of medicines. Codeine with tylenol (liquid) which constipates me, so I also take metamucil, senekot,and miralax. Then at night I take valium, nortriptalyne and 1/2 of a sleeping pill (midazolam).
I live in the Philippines and came to San Francisco for my surgery. And I sit here for 6 weeks as I recover. The pain in my shoulder and arm is so bad it wakes me up after 3 hours of sleep. The most sleep I've been able to get since the surgery is 5 hours one night.
Now. Lyrica is being recommended. My SanFran doctor is hesitant to give it to me as I am super sensitive to medicines. My pain management doctor in Manila suggests 25mg/day and my rheumatoligist in Manila (wife of pain management dr!) says 75mg 2X a day.
Any advice please????
Do I want to try this?? Do I want to try it for just a short period in order to break the Fibromyalgia flare up cycle? Or do I not want to touch this medicine?
I don't like having medicines pushed upon me. The only reason I'm taking all those horrid laxitives etc is because I didn't go to the bathroom for 6 days after the surgery. I refused the codeine and then finally gave in last week because of the arm pain. The medicines I take at night I've been on for over 8 years as they are for my Fibro and have worked well for me so far. This surgery threw me into a big 'ole fibro flare up and I usually take a NSAID for that which I'm not able to now because of the fusion. Therefore, Lyrica is the next suggestion.
Thank you!! And sorry to have made this so long.