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Hi Mary! Wow that is frightening,but I know the feeling.I too have a seizure disorder and also have woken up during the night,because I stopped breathing.

Have you had a brain MRI recently?I ask because I have several things going onand I found out in Dec.'06 that I also have a Chiari I Malformation(which is a bit of the cerebellam slopes into the spinalcanal.One of the symptoms is feeling like your gagging and also having sleep apnea.Don't mean to scare you about that.

What med are you on for the seizures? Right now I'm not taking anything,because I have to have another EEG.The first drug for seizures that I was on was dilantin...it worked great,but I did go thru a horrible withdrawal from the valium that they had me taking with it(yuck!).Years later this other dr. put me on klonopin and it messed me up so badly.So then my seizures changed and now they are going to see what's going on....too complicated for me....grrrrrrrr!I once went 3 years without a seizure and before that I had them consistently for 3 years...so it seems I was on a 3 year thing....go figure!I haven't had one since November last year...so I'm thankful for that!

Anyways what is AVM?

Sorry I couldn't help much here,but it's nice to meet you!

Take Care~