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Dear friends

Thank you for your posts. When I wrote this initial post this morning, I had just taken a 1/2 hydro to help the jitters. It is 9 p.m. this evening and I haven't taken any more. I am strengthening in my resolve to break clean. Tonight will be the test. Can I sleep? I came across a post by Strawberry who mentioned flor-essence detox tea. Perhaps it is mind over matter but I think it is helping. I feel kind of funky, but not jittery tonight. I would so love to go into my PM office thursday without having taken another hydro...if only to prove to myself that I can. I have a couple of valium that I would love to take, but alas, it is not my script and I know I will be drug tested thursday as part of my PM contract. You know, these drs. don't tell you about the withdrawal issues....probably because they haven't experienced it.