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Nicole, Can you tell me abit about your headaches. I know when I used to get migraines they were primarly on the left side. Ended up in the hospital with them a couple times.
These headaches have the pain of a migraine but cover most or all of the head & I can feel my neck sore & stiff when I get them. They really keep you down. I will tell you just had one yesturday & my neck hurt to where I could no press on it at all. I tried moist heat & no relief, at one point I thought it was making it worse. If I can, I take a small ice pack & put it at the base of the head on the neck, it actually helps. That is what I did yesturday & ended up falling asleep like that but it did get some relief. I grab the ice if I am home now, it seems to keep it from progressing & is the only thing that helps give me relief. No meds help thus far. I know the one I had that sent me into ER was so bad I could not move my eyes & at one point even keep them open, opening them was an effort because it actually hurt to do so. The pain was so bad I could not believe it. I just laid there & sobbed. I took some meds & my husband went to get me an ice pack. I fell back asleep with my jacket on, my husband was getting ready to take me to ER this was like at 4:00 am, but I was in to much pain to hold my head up & vomitting. Woke up with not being able to move my neck both times & the pain esculating, so ended up in ER anyway. The lights, like with a typical migraine were excrucitaing in ER. They wanted to keep me but do to being left in the hall because they were so crowded I declined. It scared me not to be able to move my head at all because of my neck. That was the worst one & I am afraid of that occurring again. I believe I was in full muscle spasm with my neck at the time & try to take my muscle relaxer at night now. I dont take them like I should because of the other meds I am fearful of being to tired.
At night I dont care, if they help me sleep & prevent that I take them.
I am on valium for the mucscles & it does help at night. Muscle spasms I believe come along with the neck problems & need to be treated.

Do you take anything for that or has your PT mentioned any spasms?
The PTs can feel when your muscles are spasming & if its bad. Mine in my chest were in constant spasm & it hurts.
I would try the ice, does not sound comfortable but it works for me more then anything. Probably due to inflammation. Moist heat may also work for you if you have not tried it. For me it just did not cut it. I also use essential oils that soothe, they do work. Even with my old migraines my mother in law would get me lavender oil to help relax me, now I use peppermint to & it does seem to soothe the muscles, but only the good stuff, along with some other oils. I have given some to my friends & they all love it. My one used it on her knee & was amazed on how well it worked. When your in this kind of pain I figure what do you have to loose? There is a company based out of michigan that will send you samples, I cant list the name or site but you may be able to find it if you are interested.
I know how bad it is & so feel for you, it takes over your life & can get to you. I hope you find some relief & please let me know how your doing. Good luck & god bless, Sammy
Oh my I feel for you, makes it all worse when the vomiting starts.
I feel so bad when I hear of anyone going through those headaches on a regular basis, that is the worst pain.
I could not take the flexarill(sp) either, not only did it make me tired it just did not work. With the valium I can take 1/2 & dont take it all the time, so not worried about becoming addicted & I figure its been around like forever so at least thats something. I honestly believe in order to gain some pain control you are better off trying something for the spasms. I found that out the hard way. I took skelaxin to & nothing at all with that one.
I remember the chain of meds I had to take for the mirgraines & nothing working, you honeslty think when they are at their worst that you wont survive it. Scares me to even have an aura, & now the neck problem scares me.
I know how you feel, I was so independent & active, never waited around for help, just did it. Now I cant do so much. Love to ride & moved by a bike & walking trail a few years ago, was so exicited & shortly after moving in this happened, so no riding. I really miss it. My arms would never support me & I would be asking for agony. I get tempted but just holding on to a blow up raft while floating in the pool had me up with spasms all night. Never feel it till after.
I truely hope you can get the surgery you need & just get on the road to recovery. I am glad your out of PT I had to wonder about that in one of your first posts.
I just tell myself it could be worse, like those headaches daily.
Until they do the surgery or what ever they decide perhaps it would be worth trying something for the spasms. I know those alone contribute to so much pain. Good luck & please keep us updated. Sammy