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[QUOTE=lucille8;3757826]So I have been dealing with dizziness for over a year now. I have not had health insurance until just recently and I was finally about to see a doctor about what has been going on.

She took a audiogram, it came back fine and said it couldn't possible be an inner ear disorder since that was fine.

She then went on to tell me it's all because of stress that I'm feeling this way.
I know it's not all in my head. She made me feel terrible. I've never had anxiety, stress, or anything. I'm a very laid back person. I know it's physical and not "mental"

I'm wondering if anyone has had these symptoms:
- dizziness from alcohol, caffeine, and medicines like excedrine
- constant fatigue
- memory loss, lack of concentration

Yes, I had a neurologist tell me the same thing, that it is from anxiety and stress, and to go to a therapist. I was like WFT??? I never HAD anxiety UNTIL the dizzy problems started...I'm going on 4 months now of the balance/dizzy problems. I'm on valium and mecilizine, which help, doesn't take care of it though. The more physcial work I do, the more it seems to flare up. But being a mother and wife and part time working, it's close to impossible to just sit and relax. I was just recently denied being refered to a vestibular rehab. center in Boston. My insurance said they won't cover it. I have no idea why yet. Your not alone, wish I had the answers, still trying to find them myself.