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Ok let me see if I can remember the questions:

After surgery your foot will be wrapped in cotton "batting", a hard splint that just runs up the back & an Ace bandage. It feels pretty secure. Mine was too tight on one of my incisions and they changed it. Said that was pretty common. (Got a look at the hoof at 1 week)

Bathroom: They will haul your butt up on crutches to go potty in the hosp (dragging the IV) so you will have an idea. I had a wheelchair by the bed and could wheel right up to the potty so I could go by myself the first nite home. And I felt like I went several times - you'll be drinking alot of water as your mouth will be dry from the meds.

Nest: I had the bedroom/TV nest and a den/TV nest. Could get to a potty from both places and drug my laptop with me. I had rolling hosp tables at both places. I brought the foam elevating thing home from the hosp & drug it around too.

Alarm: I downloaded a little program to my iPhone in the hospital so I don't know what type you will be using but here's how I set it.
1. Set an alarm for 12 hours from surgery so you can start taking your pain meds BEFORE the pop block wears off.
2. Set an alarm for every 4 hours so you know it's time for your meds. Take them the first week ON TIME whether you think you need to or not.
3. Later, when I was trying to wean myself by just taking the meds when I started feeling the pain, I set it to "stopwatch" so when I got itchy, I would know if it had BEEN 4 hours yet.... make sense?
4. This is tricky & may not apply at your hosp. (ask) The morphine pump will dispense every 6 minutes. Mine would beep when I pushed it. Now... it would beep the same whether I got meds or not (psych!) so I set another little timer that told me it had been 6 minutes. I wanted to know I was really really getting a hit.
I know this sounds complicated but you are gonna hurt the first 4 or 5 days AND be spacey on the meds. I couldn't keep up with all the times on my own.

My pain was a little tricky as a) the pain meds I took the first day didn't touch it and I had to change and b) the morphine made me sleepy but didn't touch the pain. So I was literally staring it the 6 minute thing waiting to pump. I didn't sleep, was taking Percocet evy 4, Valium evy 6, pumping evy 6 min & getting a morphine "bump" whenever I could talk them into it. The Phenegran they give you to combat nausea (which I did not have) will make you sleepy which helps too. Nothing. I changed to Hydrocodone, gave up on the morphine & got an IV of Tordol and was finally ahead of it. And was fine. My point is that if the pain is keeping you awake, it's too much pain. Change your meds up. The nurses will work with you, call your doc, etc. They want you comfortable if for no other reason than you are less of a pain in the butt if you're asleep.

Again - the first few days just suck. But it gets better so fast! I was at an Antique Mall with a friend with in a week. Just stay stoned & let people wait on you! You'll be up and typing in no time!!
I have found my wheelchair to be a Godsend. We had a bit of difficulty at first because our house, built in the fifties, has narrow doors. But after a few tries, we found a wheelchair that would go through every door but the bathroom and kitchen...go figure! So early on I got used to doing the bathroom with the walker. Use a commode in the bedroom at night just because...I drink a lot of water. After a few weeks, we realized that by moving a bookcase, I could get into the kitchen with the wheelchair. Since my hubby works nights, that was a great change but we figured out how to make things work before then. It really helped me to feel a bit of independence again.

I also second keeping to your meds carefully for the first couple weeks. I had a bit of trouble getting things controlled after the surgery while in the hospital. Typical nerve block and pump didn't seem to do it but as soon as they gave me valium for spasms, which I'm prone to, and got me started on the vicodin, I did fine. I took it religiously and really didn't have much pain once I got home which was two days after surgery.

It's been 7 weeks tomorrow since my triple arthrodesis. 4 more weeks and I'm out of the cast. It feels better that its less time to go than I've had already. But the bottom line is, the time is going by; I am getting stronger and I'm looking forward to what it's going to be like this coming spring!