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I suffer from a pretty high level of anxiety. Somebody who doesn't know me told me recently that my anxiety is clearly noticeable. My kids have also picked up on my anxiety and they act very anxious. I have been fighting against taking medication because the medication I've tried in the past hasn't helped me. Instead it made me very agitated and almost even more anxious.
I've tried remeron, anafranil, imipramine, prozac and paxil. None of the above has helped although I did take it for a few months before I gave up. The only thing that is reducing my anxiety is valium. I do understand though that I can't take valium every day.
Which other medication works for anxiety? Which one doesn't make you agitated?
I do sleep well and don't have any sleeping problems.
My anxiety is both emotional and physical. I would say it is more emotional though although I do have physical symptoms like numbness in limbs, twitching, stomach ache etc. But, the emotional part is probably worse because it is visible to other people and feels humiliating. My heart pounds, I talk fast , repeat several times what I've already said, feel very tense in social situations. I almost shake from inside and my body movements are sometimes jerky. Sometimes I even sort of stutter or mispronounce words. This is making my life hard and it is hard to function. My self esteem is also very low because I feel embarrassed to be this anxious and tense. Today I had to go to a meeting to my kids' school and had to take 10 mg of diazepam (valium) to be able to be at the meeting. I feel so anxious that I am almost tripping over my own feet and have a very hard time relaxing and calming down. What except for valium could take the edge of the anxiety?
Thank you for your responses. I have been against taking medication, but at this point I have no choice. Everything in my life is affected by my anxiety and I can't take it any more. All social situations feel very hard because I feel so tense and anxious. I even have dreams that are full of anxiety and wake up feeling awful.
I wonder which medication is most similar to valium. I guess, this is a question I have to ask a psychiatrist.