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Gram, I felt the same way on synthroid, I took synthroid for 14 yrs,just .25 mcg, throughout those yrs I also had to take valium on occasion for leg muscle spasms that would last for days and days, also many headaches, joint issues, hip pain etc... I was still able to work and everything so I guess I just tolerated it. anyway, after my thyroid went hyper in feb of 2004, RAI in 2005, my levels would not regulate on synthroid at all, I went to 4 different endos in 3 yrs. I begged for someone to try me on armour , I finally sat with my insurance book and called 16 doctors offices and asked if the doc would prescribe armour , I did get a call back and am now on armour.
My doc isn't all that great at giving me enough yet! but Im working on it lol.
The difference is though that with the armour I felt releif in the joint pain and muscle pain within my first 2 days, I have only had about 1 headache since june. Even though my free t4 is still pretty low, I feel a huge difference from synthroid. Maybe you could try to switch to it and give it a try. The armour website has a doctors list that you could look at. Or you could call your local pharmacy and ask them if anyone in the area is on armour , they could give you doctor names too.