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yes is did!!
for about 2 years i went through hell!
i was on levthyroxine 100, and i thought i was going crazy!!
i made more than one trip to the er in such panic and aniexty, i thought they would put me away somewere!!!
i felt sorry for my husband!
god love him!
he tried to help me through these horrible eppisodes of it!
at first my doctor just gave me valium, and i only took that when an eppisode would come on, i never knew when that would be...
i lived in this nightmare for over 2 years, now iam on synthroid, 112 and i havent had another eppisode as of yet?
iam not saying that the increase or change made a differance, but something did!
i just hope and pray it does not happen again!
i kept fighting the doctors about it all the time, and felt it was some kind of imbalance in my system, i made them run all kinds of test!
turns out, i was right!
good luck!