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Hi Everyone,

It's day 9 off sub for me. I had been on it for several months, and kept my doses as low as possible. I started at about 6mg, reduced within a day or so to 4, then within a week to 2mg, then stayed on that for about a month and a half. I then decided I wanted completely off, and reduced to 1mg for about a month, then .5mg for a couple of weeks, then .25mg for about 4 days, then quit. The whole experience has been unpleasant (reminder to self not to do this again! :-) but certainly easier than w/d from Percs.

When I cut the dose to .5mg, the anxiety was intense, and I started taking Ativan .5-.75mg, but not every day, or .25mg Valium (one or the other, not both at the same time). I stopped taking the benzos two days ago, as I really really don't want to get hooked on them!! Today I was really anxious, but managed. Last night I did not sleep, even with 10mg Ambien, and when I would wake up, my hands were completely clentched and stiff. Is this normal for sub withdrawal or benzo withdrawal? Frankly, I'm scared that I did not quit the benzos soon enough!

My plan is to just do nothing. Take nothing except Ambien for sleep. Tough out the w/d. In 2-3 weeks, if all goes well I'm going to taper off the Ambien, which I take every night as prescribed. I want to get off of all my "lifestyle" prescription meds. I've been sticking with Ibuprofen for pain.

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone gone through Sub w/several weeks of benzo use and Ambien? Please let me know what you did to get through it!

Best Wishes to All,