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Thank You SO MUCH for replying....and for your kindness. We are very nervous and your talking to me has helped so much (so far, you are the only person who has responded). I feel so alone in this, other than the fact that my doctors are so excited that we have finally decided to do the IUI. I have been dealing with endometriosis since I was 16 and have had a few surgeries for it....but since those didn't help, we are now taking this step. I have also heard that this procedure clears out the tubes and aides in conception as well. If it doesn't work this month, then in december they are going to give me the injection type fertility drug (once we did clomid - and it didn't work for us), but we are really keeping our fingers crossed that this will work this month. It is kind of discouraging (and a little unfair I think) that we can only do this once a month...if you understand what I am talking about.
I am very happy for you that your tubes are clear. YAY. That is a relief I bet.
Have you had an IUI before? or will this be your first? When will they actually do the procedure? Or will you be on fertility drugs for a while? I am so new to this that I don't even know if I am asking the right questions.
And I am going to call the radiology dept. on monday to see if I need to reschedule or if they will still perform the HSG if I am still bleeding.
My doctor was so excited about this when I approached him that I got only three pieces of info from him. They were: Call on day 1 to set up the HSG. On day 14 come for the ultrasound and injection. 2 days later we will do the IUI.
THAT WAS IT. So any and all info you can give me would be great.
Again, thank you for your kindness....and I will do what you did before your HSG (the valium and I already take something stronger for pain due to the endometriosis, so wish me luck) How long did the pain last? Was it over quick or did it last all day?