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This is day 18 off of subutex. All in all it's not an experience I would NOT recommend to anyone. The worst part is the fatigue - incredibly intense lethargy and depression. My wife used to give me grief for taking Advil; guess how she's taken this whole bunch of rotten bananas? Hint, she did not make banana cream pie!

I'm trying the amino diet thing. Not worked so far. I keep hoping that maybe tomorrow I'll get back some energy and motivation, but so far it's gone from nothing to, well, nothing+. L-Tyrosine doesn't do anything. I'm starting "Amino Fuel" tomorrow. I've held off on other medications, having considered everything from valium for anxiety to tramadol for pain and energy. But Valium is a downer benzo (don't need that), and tramadol scares me, though I may try 50mg if I can't get up from bed to go to work (have bad back pain as well, so it's not just to deal with w/d). I'm also taking Ambien nightly for insomnia, which helps get me to sleep, but I question the effect on my energy levels.

So how long should this last? Sub is completely gone from the system in 11 days (t1/2 of 37 hours). So it's been one week since most all the drug was eliminated. Why do I still feel crummy? Can anyone explain the science behind the misery? I could really use some reassurance that this will get better. If it will never improve, or if it takes months for that matter, I don't think I can hold out. I need to be able to function - work (I'm a small business owner), play with my kid, not to mention mend the dysfunctional relationship with my wife. At least my dog still loves me! :-) So any info is appreciated! Getting energy, (oh and I try to exercise several times a week), making my wife happy, keeping my kid happy, getting un-depressed via meds or not, the meaning of life, etc. etc. I thank you.

Hope y'all had a barkin' great weekend!


P.S. Woof Woof