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This is day 20 off of subutex. By now blood levels are undetectable, but I find the lethargy almost unbearable, and the past two days have seen high anxiety. Normally, I'd brush it off, but as it had been 10 days since my last benzo, I decided to take some valium (2.5mg total). I also considered tramadol, but thought better of it. If I take valium over the next 2-3 days, am I going to hell? It's really helped with the anxiety, and I don't need as much Ambien to sleep (which I'm also tapering off). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. At least I'm not freaking (thanks to the valium!). I've never liked benzos and am scared to take them for more than a week. The w/d from sub is taking FOREVER. I still have most of the symptoms, but they come and go, with the exception of the exhaustion - that stays mostly. I compared the half life to oxy and based on relative equivalents it seems that w/d should take about a month for sub - 23-30 days - not the answer I wanted. I keep reading about folks who've taken sub and whose w/d lasted for far longer. Who else has gotten through this? How did you cope? I have such little patience and an adorable son who I think misses his daddy. I sure miss him, and I wish I had the energy to play with him!!

My best to all,