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Hi im currently on methadone daily 15mg..im soooo sick of picking it up...and being on it..my main problem is anxiety disorder...and i think its making my anxiety worse...along with that i take 2.5mg valium...for anxiety daily i just cant seem to be motivated is it the done??? or the anxiety or life..im fearfull all time...and feel in one big rut....am i ever going to be happy...i live alone....and feel isolated 2....thanks scott
Ok i might have been a bit hasty in my post.Yes i do want to be drug free,and yes..methadone sucks..because im handcuffed to a chemist?.You all forget one thing though?..people do have anxiety disorders.for which medicine is required..you see the way i look at it is a chicken and egg situation?are u people putting urself through unecessary pain for the sake of a fellowship and there beleif system??.disorders imho..require meds...im not saying valium.but maybe anti"depressants i mean these meds where made for a reason right??it would be intersting to see how many people actually are treating there secondary condition ie..alchol addictions..when there primary condition is and underlying disorder..alot of people self medicate for a reason? one this reason is fixed..why would u need meetings????thats all im saying..and no my anxiety isnt caused through trying to get high its caused by social situations..it has nothing to do with drugs!!!however yes in my past i have self medicated due to the uncomftorable symptoms assoctiated with panic attacks..It seems some of you might be suffering unecessary..because you have a belife that all meds are bad??or are they??? i am new to all this..so i can only go by what i have already learnt...and yes i do belive in one thing...you dont need meds to survive long term...only as a tool to get u to where u want to go.I can honstly say that i cant see how 4 walls and a meeting is going to cure my anxiety???.therapy and thought challenging will yes.!!!! but how is an AA or NA meeting going to do this???.12 steps??..I know a girl that comes to my clinic who was a big NAer for 5yrs...and now she is back on methadone...if NA works so well what is she doing back at the clinic?..i wonder as she was a leader in NA...I guess my theory is work what works for u...be it mmt...or NA...or therapy...as long as ur goal..is to function right????.personally i think alot of AA or NA meetings are run on fear $ lonliness...and the few i did attend way back where very depressing...hearing all those storys of getting out of it...yes i think methadone is the wrong drug for me..since i never abused herion...and once again...its not treating the symptoms i have..Maybe an antidepressant will.???.can i ask one question to you people????? why do u do it so tuff.??? why are you so hard on yourselves.???if medication works for u...use it?..for those people who do have duel problems i would try to get that sorted out first!!! AA and NA imho...seem a bit like modern day cults...who brainwash people...slogans like *It works if u work it*..& *keep coming back* give me a break...i walked out of those rooms with more anxiety than i walked in with..fact.!!! now im sorry that i ruffled some feathers..here.but i came into the room looking for other experiences on mmt...? and how they got of it...etc..the where my reasons.?. and yes im addicted to mmt..but does that mean im an addict???? cuz i use a med to try to relieve a disorder? hzebo can i ask you something...is your anxiety better now...do you function..normally work??? honestly where is ur anxiety at???.thanks freshman