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hi freshman!

i think that underlying causes have alot to do with many people using drugs....sort of like self-medicating. i have adhd. i am 30 years old and i was just diagnosed last year. go figure!! anyway, i abused drugs for MANY years. i am now taking wellbutrin and paxil for the adhd and i feel much better. i have been clean this time for over a year.

about methadone.... i have seen quite a few posts about it. i usually stay out of those because i feel that methadone is substituting one drug for another. HOWEVER, considering how different everyone is, i am reluctant to say anyting against it. i have always been afraid to take narcotics of any kind since i have cleaned up (my favorites were morphine, herion, percocet, lortab, etc). what is it like to be on methadone for so long? does it really keep you from wanting to do other drugs. see, i am afraid if i get my "receptors" going, i would only want more. i am just curious how you do it. i quit cold turkey with only valium to keep me from going into convultions during withdrawel. i guess that was a pretty dangerous way to do it, but, thank goodness, i am clean now!! (i am in no way downing methadone use. i am just curious)!! thanks!! annita [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/dizzy.gif[/img]

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Obviously not...damn..ekkk anyhow ill write it all again... :) u ask how i did it...well it was a matter of putting in alot of work 2...the methadone was new to me...and well i think it was more phychologial in early days...it made me feel euphoric hadnt felt that b4...so basically a new drug...as for opiods i wasnt into them..never was a herion addict..i just went on meth cuz i got sick of chasing vodka and valium...and knocking on deaths door so i had nothing to loose...sure it gave me stability for 6yrs..but dont look at that as a long time to be honest in that 6yrs ive made no major improvments...although i rent a house...and have a car..big deal...? yes annit ur right its another drug..swap the witch for the *****...it gets in ur fat cells..and u feel soaked with meth...and its a hell trip to come of.luckily im on 15mg...only but if ur on 150mg god help u...anyhow..they say its a good antianxiety agent in high doses on these meth boards..what a load of rubbish.!!!! grrrrrrr who is ever put on meth for anxiety???? noone i know...if i knew i had anxiety disorder back then i wouldnt have touched meth..i would have gone onto effexor or something antiD" and got CBT therapy...which im doing now....i dont belive in AA or NA....groups..as i feel my anxiety disorder is primary ..and my self medicating is secondary...simple !!! chicken and egg scenario...but i guess ill find that out when i come of the meth..etc...but when i do...i will have delt with my anxiety social...done heaps of therapy and have a good plan in place ...sure NA and AA might work for some...but to me its a modern day cult...imho..ur better of dealing with ur primary condition..i went to those meetings..but gainged nothing out of them i actually got sick of hearing peoples negative drunken storys...and i was bored silly...but for me its simple i know my problem finaly and im working on it.. :) i actually got kicked of a methadone board anita for speaking my mind..LOL they didnt want to hear it methadone was the world to them....SAD SAD SAD !!!!!!.Its a damn drug...for gods sake...they just dont want to put the hard yards in for the results..i personally would...cuz it beats being handcuffed to any drug 24/7....or pharmacy..imho..there is a pill for everything today...but then agian there is a answer 2...if its sleeping go walk..so u sleep better..If its bad nerves look for an answer..try meditation...breathing...i actually finally got diagnosed with social phobia..very common amongst people who use drugs...self medicating...to ease the panic attacks or anxiety....wich basically is bad thinking...annita..:-) i look at it as a blessing because at least its treatable...and is the primary reason i use.. :) so if i deal with primary secondary goes..ie..drug usage..look people..if u think something isnt right go to a therapist....look for answers...find ur problems deal with them life isnt that bad.ok...it beats being a 16stone..potatoe...lying on the sofa...and eating bon bons..ekkkkkk just keep learning...be open...bottom line is all drugs suck unless u have a chemical imbalance..a proven one that is....not some doc who says u have...?go with ur gut feeling...if u think u have an underlying cause go seek answers...its better than self medicating...and eventaully being depressed...and ending up on more pills..on top of pills...!!! sure use things like antidepressants as a tool to get u where u want 2....but thats it theraputic usage...face fears...just do it....i have so much to share....thanks annita...freshman...peace out..:O