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I saw my PCP today. She finally did cervical x-rays. She said they didn't look "too bad." She said she would order an MRI if I wanted one but mentioned that they are very expensive tests.

You many not remember but I am the one with the heavy head, numbness, tinling and heaviness of my right arm which has moved to my left arm now too. My pain doc said it was a "pinched nerve at C 5-6" about 5 weeks ago. She did two cervical epidural steroid injections which didn't change anything. I was wearing a TENS unit at work but now thats not even helping.

I did get the order for the MRI. I am going to have one on Monday (ugh, I'm claustrophobic and so the doc gave me an Rx for valium pre-procedure).

I am now feeling horrible... feeling like people might think it's in my head and my imagination. I'm not sure how to explain these symptoms if the mri is negative... now I'm assuming that it is.

I'm trying to deal with this emotionally. It's getting harder to work, type, write, grip or do anything requiring some strength or lifting. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I'm down.

Thanks for any input.

Thank you everyone. It's appreciated soooo much.

I scheduled the MRI for next week. I have valium pills I will take beforehand and will keep my eyes closed. Not much bothers me but the thought of going into a tube like that evokes a lot of anxiety

I don't see how progressive weakness can be all in my head (along with other symptoms) but after that appt, even I was questioning it. How silly is that. I'm having trouble typing this even... my fingers aren't my own.

The anesthesiologist who did my steroid injections said I have classic symptoms of C5-6. However the symtpoms have been added to.. i.e. more fingers, arm, etc. But thats why she did the injections.. she said the MRI is expensive and since we wouldn't be doing anything with the info, there was no need. After my last injection she said maybe there is a need and a neuro consult need as well. Who knows. Docs like to chang their mind at the next appt anyway.

Hey girlfriend !

You sound like how mine started and after epidurals, meds, PT , CT, MRIs,mylegram,( that hurts like hell by the way) xrays...and everything in between , Im FINALLY having a C5C6 anterior fusion next Monday the 17th ( yea !! FINALLY)...
I am OH so claustophobic and had the valium goodies beforehand too. That still wasnt enough so they folded a nice warm wash cloth over my eyes and played some really groovy music...it worked pretty !...
Did the epidurals help any at all ?...They ( I had 3) kinda eased the pain/burn but the tingle/numbness was still there..then after a couple of weeks it was back to business as usual.
Im willing to bet it is as the person who gave you the epidural injection said, its C5C6....keep us all posted !...and hope you can find some way to get some kind of relief !