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I'm not sure how things work in Canada so my suggestions may not be appropriate. First things first though #1 and foremost - I know from experience that the crazy crying thing keeps you from being able to think clearly so if you have a xanax or valium take one or two until you relax so you can think clearly. This is only a temperary setback - you will get the surgery that you need. Think positive. Can you make an appt with your primary doc? If so make your appt. Take all your information and tell him what you need. If you need to walk him thru it then do it. What about emergency rooms? If you go in with your problems can they not get you in to see a neuro quick? I'm thinking that with your problems you could even be admitted to a hospital and maybe be seen by a neuro who then might refer you on to Chicago. Those are the only things I can think of right now Mel. Know that we love you and you will get thru this.
I've had to take a lot of pain meds tonight because of a major flare up so I hope this makes a little sense.
Your in my prayers friend