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My understanding is that Soma is similar to flexeril, maybe just a bit less potent. I've tried Soma before (way back in the beginning of this ordeal) and it didn't work as well as Valium or Flexeril. For my spasms post surgery, the Flexeril seems to have worked well. They are almost gone and certainly tolerable now.

The surgeon did not give me any specific range of motion exercises, and I certainly don't want to push the limits. The limits I describes were what I could comfortably reach without pushing it. I will wait until after I visit the NS on May 8th for more information on what I should and shouldn't do.

I have a natural "head forward" posture which has hindered my disc herniation from resolving itself naturally. I have been paying a great deal of attention to my posture both before and after the surgery. Its amazing how much my posture has actually changed since the surgery, its much more natural for me now to sit straighter, with my shoulders nice and square. I think the collapsing disc made my head forward posture even worse!

Went to the massage therapist today... it was great! Still some knotty spasms on the edge of my right should blade, but I think with a few more visits and some good rest it will be fine. Now if we could only convince the insurance companies to cover massage therapy! (I haven't found a PT or Chiropractor that does massage quite as well as my massage therapist)

Hope everyone else is doing well,


ACDF C4-5 w/locking plate and allograft