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I was just reading some posts and one of yours just jumped out at me. Muscle relaxants. Flexeril while effective, is a drug that is very hard on the system. I know some Dr.s who will not prescribe it because its action and half life is very variable and unpredictable. I also tried it, a quarter tab, not only knocked me out, but left me feeling like I had lead in my butt for days .
Well the one pain Dr i see, who I trust immensly, got really angry when I told him I was on it. He will not prescribe it , because of its unpredictability. Look it up, it has up to a three day half life.
So if half of it is still in your system after three days, think how much could be accumulated in your system with regular use.
You may wish to discuss this with your Dr., there are good alternatives with a much shorter half life, we dont have Soma here, I use Valium. It works really well and and only has a 3-4 hour half life. So no real accumulative build up.I know the doc in Chicago wanted me on Soma, says it is really good, and you know I really trust the Dr there.
Sorry I didn't note this earlier, but a muscle relaxant makes a big difference in symptoms, but only if you take it regularly.
Hope you are having a good day, Love Mel