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HI Everyone!,
Sorry I haven't been on much, have been reading, but have had a bad week for symptoms, haven't really been able to type or write, hands keep seizing
up. I am feeling a bit better now. flare up seems to be easing up. Of course, they have had me on Valium every 4-6 hours to try to decrease the rigidity, so I've been a little sleepy. But it seems to have helped.
I did hear from the new law firm I contacted, the lawyer didn't say he would take my case, but will help in any way he can. Told me to call and talk to him any time, yesterday he had a nurse and rehab call me and talk to me. Between them I was on the phone for over 2 hours. Unbelievable, my own lawyer doesn't even return calls. Of course the firm I am with is splitting uop , so who knows. I do know that I am very impressed with the new one and his team. Even gave me a number to call just to talk, day or night. This new firm, specializes in brain and spinal cord injury, have physio and rehab staff on site. Only handle catastrauphic cases, so I don't know if I fall in that category, but like I said, he seems to really care and has offered to help whether he takes my case or not. I guess I cant ask for more than that.

Teri, how are you? Are you getting ready for your surgery? How is Noah? I am glad to see that you have someone here on the board with similar problems and surgical experience to share with you. As always your are in my thoughts.

Charlotte, I am glad that you are not giving up. I know how tough it is, but is so important to keep fighting, not just for our own health and wellbeing , but for everyone who comes behind us. Somehow this system needs to be changed. How are you feeling lately? I hope your symptoms are under control and you are comfortable. Now you have to make sure you protect your emotional health, between the symptoms and the crap from the system,it can really take its toll.
Keep in touch hon, Look forward to hearing from you,

Niki, I'm here. How are you my friend?I think about you all of the time. I was going to ask if your email was fixed, and i would send to you, but my MSN worked for 3 days and is down again. So I have no email again. What a pain. I hope i didn't make you worry, just been in some kind of wild flareup this past week.
I miss talking to you, take care of yourself, we'll talk soon, Love ya Mel

Joanne, how are you? I had to laugh when I say your post, "please dont say Friday" Well of course Murphy's law is always functional, and my appointment was Friday. But your hubby goes to Kouros's in the evening? There is a Timmy's right across the street. Hmm coffee and a muffin sound good to me. What do you think about an evening coffee and some sweet and gooey health food from timmys this week? Let me know Neighbour.

Debbie, how are you? As always there for everyone I see. Are you getting out and enjoying some spring sunshine? Working in your garden? Look forward to hearing from you soon, Mel

Leah, How are you hon? Are you making progress , set a surgery date? I worry about you, you are so strong, and going thru such a tough ordeal. Please take care of yourself!

As always, thinking of you all, Love Mel