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Well, you certainly got my attention with this post!!

I still have memories.....not nice ones.....of my first few months following surgery..

I had no help! from the time I got home!!!!
A wee bit from my wonderful DH; but, hey, work & life go on right?!

I had my ACDF 16 days before my son's 3rd bellybutton day....(I also have a daughter who will be 5 in 19 day's!)
Recovery for me has not been a walk in the park.
Unless you count Jurassic Park!! Ha!

I have done the do things...
really wanted to nap.....but could not.
So, if you are able......Go For It!!!
I was always tired....still am! But, the above mentioned should explain why!!!

Continue being gentle with youself!

I was taking percocet & valium for the first while;
not only did I tread into a depression state; but, let's face it ......I was not feeling like a hand's on Mommy!! (wait for the paper-back edition on those stories!!)

I am 4 months post-op. I still get tired....I still get emotional....I still get muscle "wackiness"...
I still get moments of confusion....
I still get such joy out of being able to jot to like minded people.....I reap.....I sow!!

I thank you all!!

Until later,
take care, cause we care!!

with love & laughter,
BBL :wave:
Hi all,
Just thought I'd add some more madness. I can really relate to this needing to sleep thing. I have started having terrible sleeping problems ever since the cervical problems began. I now add sleeping pills to the evergrowing cocktail of antinflammatories, pain meds and valium for those muscle spasms.
Every little outing is exhausting me and as for cleaning the house my DH has finally realised I am a mess(constant crying and wandering aimlessly) and has gotten a cleaner.
I am nearly 3 weeks post op and hope things get better. But then again before surgery I was having epi's and shots that exhausted me just as much. These cervical things are hard work!