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Hi Kat,
I have been laughing my head off reading this thread.
I love the decorated collar! Lots of beads, jewels eveb flowers would be nice.
I can totally relate to the zigzag incision and Bren, frankenstein !lol.
Maybe we should suggest the NS's use a ruler. Sometimes you wonder if perhaps some little sadistic hospital lurker gremlin spiked their de-caf and handed them pinking sheers!lol! too much valium for me tonight.
I also noticed how differently people treat you even in the soft collar. It's almost worse when they don't ask what happened and then proceed to treat you like some alien with added plastic material neck.
Have you tried massage on your lower back and legs? What about glucosamine/chrondroiton/MSM for your knee? I am seeing my NS tomorrow and am going to ask him re my lower back. He is usually very good with all this related spasms and new problems so maybe some answers.
Hope your feeling a bit better.