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Hi all,
It's so nice to come here and be understood! I think it's something you have to experience to understand, the whole pain thing.
Thanks for your kind words. We are in a mess but we shall get there. You sound rather wise about the whole thing. I am on so much valium I feel like a pink zebra flying over tall buildings. I have an imagination anyway so I don't really need to increase it with meds. Valium is really good for the muscle spasms so it's worth it.
Thanks for saying Hi and understanding. How are you going? any surgery thoughts or epi's yet?
You right everyone here understands and thats the main thing. Your DH sounds good. Mine is being alot nicer the last day or so and doing everything as he saw how much pain I was in after cleaning the lawn of dog poo(and it's alot 3 dogs!). Lifting has to be the worst for our poor necks. Take care,