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Hi Em,
I can totally relate to the daily headaches! I am now 7ish weeks post op and have headaches most days. My NS, myself, PT etc all think its the muscle spasms post op. I am taking valium and I find this is almost the only thing that works. I need 5-10mgs at a time as I get the ice pick headache and the spear through the side of the head. I am also having arm pain but this is more managable than the headaches. Mine are slowly improving now and the headaches are less often, but initially they were constant. I am also seeing a neurologist next week about them so I may find out more.
What are you taking for them? Do you have arm pain or other symptoms or migranes also?


23rd July 03, ADR c5/6
Hi Emb,
As Lisa said I think muscle relaxers (like valium) may really help. I find valium is almost the only thing that helps 5-10MGS. Please try to get some and give it a go. The pain meds just mask the pain, yet, the valium will actually target the cause; muscle spasm. I also get migranes so I understand this can confuse things I take cafergot for that and often valium also. I get that shoulder blade pain too and find it also contributes to the whole spasm, headache cycle. I am not sure whether any of the meds you mentioned are muscle relaxers? Let me know if so. So far I really think valium is worth a shot for you. And you don't sound like a junkie at all! I take heaps of meds. It's not out of choice, remember you are in pain and may not have found one that helps enough yet. Take care,
Hi Mel and Lisa,

The soma is a muscle relaxant, but I don't know how it compares to valium. I'm going to try and find out. I actually took it as soon as I made it home today so I am finally starting to feel better for the first time all day. I am about to take my second lortab to see if that helps the headache. I think that this is turning into a migraine. Shoot.

I am looking forward to seeing the NS next week to see if we can fine tune what I am taking and to see if I can start a course of physical therapy.

Hope your headaches and spasms are a little better. Thanks for writing back.