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Hi Lea and Nanner,
I totally relate to feeling down, low and sometimes verging on feling like an addict. Pain really does wear you down and lately I have been so sensitive because of it I overreact to things and feel like a complete nut. I have just had that whole 24 hr pain thing after doing way to many hours of typing for study and took so much valium for the spasms I could hardly see straight.
I had one night that was so bad I got DH to call emergency and he rattled off the list of meds I had consumed and combined for an absolute killer headache and shoulder/arm pain and the nurse asked him to check if I was even still concious! I know they are being careful and I wanted to check I if I could combine a drug with another and so the call was helpful and they said the total med tally was just probobly ok to handle,but I really felt like I complete addict, lunatic etc.
I was pleased to wake later pain free but it really does drag you down when these things happen.
Anyway, now I'm going on. We will all get there eventually and especially knowing alot of people here feel a bit like this helps me alot.
Hi Lea,
That is great news your Mum is doing a bit better. You pain may be trying to tell you(here i go again) to stop and slow down. I know the med bills are shocking and I am working part time or more like casual just based on what I can tolerate.
I saw a neruologist the other day who put me on inderal, 20mg's the first week and then 40 the second. I am taking it and finding it hard to tell if there is any effect due to the other cocktail of valium etc. I just wondered what you thought of it. I think my headaches have been mildy helped by c2/3 facet and nerve blocks but still feel the spasms from the shoulders etc are the main culprits. Hope your doing better today and how about getting in your jacuzzi? sounds like a good treatment option.
Hi Lea and SD,
I totally agree with the laughter, tens and accupunture as the best. I am getting worried about my valium addiction and am going back to do some accupunture sessions as they helped me alot in the past before surgery.
We need to get our endorphins raised somehow. I am trying to do at least 20 min walks to 30 whenever I can as I find this really helps my med needs to decline.
So glad your Mum is doing better and congrats soon for the big 10th anniversary! You legends. It must be tough to see all these people in chronic pain and the scarey thing is it's too easy for any of us to go down that path. You seem to be handling yours awfully well. Hopefully soon you can get someone in to clean that jacuzzi cause your sure deserve to have one and ofcause the heat really helps those horrid shoulder spasms and arm pain.
I don't really find the inderel is helping much and may try some amatryptoline(endep) sorry not sure of the spelling of that drug name. Have you ever tried that?
Take care,

23rd July 03, ADR c5/6
Also disc bulges c3/4 and 6/7. Numerous facet and nerve blocks along with extensive conservative treatment prior to surgery.