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Hi wr,
Having my usual sleepless evenings. I went for a walk on my treadmill tonight with the straightest spine I could muster, yet somehow perhaps I overdid it(my usual tendency) and ended up on a large valium cocktail. I find valium gives me these weird jitter nerve like impulses. That must sound really strange but I thought you may know, that is if you take the stuff and I hope you don't I find it a bit of a downer, in a depresssing may. Whereas most people I know who have taken it found it incredibly relaxing. I am probobly one of the weird ones. I hope your also keepin on and doing those exercises - get to it. I am trying to find the middle ground.

Hi all,
wr, lol, you are funny. Try combining valium with vodka! I did this the other night at a friends party and apparently said some rather shocking things for the usual tame creature I am. Lets just get back on that dancefloor on our cocktails of meds and all -it will at least be amusing. Stop putting me to shame and making me look 100 with your break dance moves!
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad and then your Mum so soon after. This must be completely devastating for you especially not being able to say a proper goodbye to your Mum. Just remember she knew how much you loved her and is looking down on you doing everything she can. I am also so sorry about your son. He must be in a terrible way. What sort of injuries did he sufffer and how is he doing?
Glad to see you here except for the pain. I am still having the spasms and trying to get there as we all seem to be. Do you think your tmj and neck is related? I hope your having a better day today.

Hi Elaine,
I am sorry to hear of all the difficulties you have faced in such a short time; even though you might be tough, this doesn't mean that it wouldn't crumble a person. When you go through stuff like that, and your body is under such stress, I can't imagine how much pain you must have been in. I would expect that your pain meds would not be working at top efficiency. And I don't think anyone really gets over the loss of a beloved parent. Please go easy on yourself... know it will take a long time and to take baby steps toward recovering. Everybody's grief is different; join a grief group if you think it might help to get some perspective, but it may still be early for that.

Mel, you know I cannot condone mixing valium with vodka! Whew! And what break dance moves are you talking about? I just slipped on a banana peel!
Hey wr,
You were going so well there before the unfortunate slip. I was really impressed by your spins. I know the vodka /valium thing is not the best and probobly explains that mess of a banana I began munching on then lost my grip and spattered it on the floor. I am a horrible child I know and I will promptly clean it so we can get back out on that floor and you can show me some of those moves. I am working on just alot of hip swaying and dazzling at this point. Those meds sure make it hard to do any cartwheels or jumping star turns. I am not sure what I am on about either as having a valium evening.
My german shepherd attacked my poodle over food and badly cut her throat. She has a neck injury but hopefully it's just muscular. The vet Neuro and I were comtemplating a myleogram but she seems to be doing better so I am looking after her and rather sleepless trying to keep her still. How ironic the whole neck thing. The poor thing is slready on heavy meds for epilepsy so she is having a tough time. I also re injured my whole neck bu trying to pry my shepherd off my poodle during the attack. Not nice so lets get more drinks and forget all these awful things. How are you doing? any PT progress besides your dance manoevers?
Hi wr.
Thanks for the coffee it' a nice blend and I must admit I had 3 cups! yes, I have a coffee addiction and it's not the best for those headaches as we know.
Jemma, my poodle is amazingly suddenly doing really well! she is wandering around the house as usual and even going out the dog door to go to the toilet.
My brother who considers himself a bit of an animal behavioural specialist is comming tommorrow to work with both the shephers for a few hours. He is very good with training so I am hoping he can help my weak self gain some control over the shepherds.
Re the dr's. I spoke qwith my NS who is extremely dedicated and caring(rare for NS's I here)and he is going to Atlanta or Chicago orsomewhere over in your country(blame my poor memory on the valium) to discuss my films and posture situation with the Bryan disc people (my ADR is a byran) to see if they can come up with a better design to fix those like myself with a kink in their neck. So I will be interested to talk with him in a few weeks when he gets back.
I am having the botox in the neck and shoulders, scapulla etc this wednesday so I am rather excited and hopeful it may help and give me some releif from the spasms. I am sick of taking valium it actually seems to make me a bit edgy and agitated which is a rather od side effect for that drug. But that said it really helps my spasms so the usual catch 22.
I asked my dr about possible adverse reactions abd he said being allergic to the stuff was probobly the most serious effect. I tried it in my forehed for headaches so at least I know I am not allergic but it didn't seem to help as they are muscle spasm cervical etc, you know.
I am really going on it must be your wonderful coffee,wr do make some more and we shall get back to the party!
Also, how is your PT going still some improvement?Perhaps more breakdancing is required. I may even join you we need to get that blood into the neck and get moving!