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Hi Babs,
I did a similar silly thing well maybe close. A cartwheel is impressive stuff- you flexible showoff!! I did a vast amount of typing at the computer like ten hours or so for study and really whacked my shoulders into a horror of a spasm(thats why I wasn't posting for a bit).
So back to the drawing board. Valium has really helped but I think it's the usual time thing. Otherwise despite that silly typing thing I was getting alot better. I am slowly getting there. The NS thing is a slow process as it takes so long to get in and even see them let alone your next appointment. I think your doing the right thing giving it a bit more time as you do need to feel ready within yourself. It is a big deal and you basically have to be at the 'can't take it anymore stage' or thereabouts. I know the smoking is tough and I still feel a few cravings here and there but at least a haven't really put on weight or gone stark raving mad like I thought I would. Take your time and keep researching re the surgery till you feel more ready. Yet, remember none of us really feel that ready for it as it's scarey and I remember trying cortosone shot after cortosone shot, accupuncture etc and anything to put it off. See how you go. No more cartwheels for you. Just sit back and enjoy watching the little ones do their stuff-much more relaxing. Take care,