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Just a thought (for what its worth.) I felt like I was moving and wasn't (seated in car and car was stopped.) Reg. MD says cervical injuries are able to produce multitude of symptoms. I was also experiencing insominia. His answer was a valium rx. It is good for 3 of my symptoms: muscle spasms, insominia and balance and coordination issues. 2 days later, at least I'm sleeping better. We'll see. (I was a bit concerned about the rx at first, didn't know all of it's applications.) Good luck - Deb F.
Just responding to the floor moving, that of course happens to me a lot lately, but could be the oxycodone, duh? Anyways, Deb F, you might want to have your doc prescribe you some Ambien, it's a prescription sleeper and is only for sleep and isn't addicting like valium, it's been great for me especially through this whole neck thing!