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I'm 22 now and i've had this problem since I was 14. Unfortunately, when the hair started to grow very light, i didn't know that tweazing and waxing it would make it worst.

Now, i'm at the point where i shave almost everyday (and if i skip a day, my chin and sideburns feel really ruff). It's so embarassing and I hate it. I'm still a student and don't make a lot of money, so I can't afford laser hair removal. Plus, because i'm black, most lasers are not compatible with my type of skin. I'm just so desperate and i really, really can't take it anymore.

I have PCOS and have tried Diane-35, but except for making sick everyday for almost 1 year, it didn't do much for my facial hair problem and my acne. Vaniqa is not available in Canada, so i can't have access to that.

Is anyone going through this? Is there any way i can get rid of those damn hairs. I don't let my boyfriend touch my face anymore and he thinks it's really bad. Please help anyone!!