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I agree, see an endo. Your possibilities for treatment for the hair problems are spironolactone (love it!!), vaniqa, birth control pills, and then the physical methods of removal like laser.
Vaniqa is great for unwanted hair. And spironolactone has slowed down the growth GREATLY for me.
Both are prescription. Spiro has generics so its pretty cheap. It is a diuretic used for years for high blood pressure. They discovered it binds to testosterone and helps hair problems and acne. Incidentally, I lost 12 pounds on it :) All water of course, but still... :) And I have to shave my legs less too! Vaniqa is expensive and a lot of insurance companies consider it cosmetic and don't cover it. I'm lucky, mine covers half. But its still $50 a tube! It is a cream that you apply to unwanted hair. Its only approved for face but my endocrinologist and dermatologist both say it is fine to use anywhere.
p.s. I should add Vaniqa takes like 10 weeks to work and spiro takes 5 months to slow hair growth (its quicker for acne). But its really been worth the wait for me. Anyways, I hope it gives you something to look forward to for your doctors visit! :)