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i know how you must feel, but lucky for me i'm so vain i didint let it get as bad as you, sounds like you could have the same problem as me, too much testosterone... that's being positive, i hate to scare you but here it goes:

the tests and all that stuff will probably be a bit expensive, but its worth it, not only u'll know what your problem is, and be able to find a solution to this annoying little cosmetic thing, but u will also make sure its not something serious, why do i say that? well coz i had all those test a few years ago, if i remember correctly it could be as serious as something in your ovaries or a gland that i forgot the name at the moment and need surgery, to just having bad luck like me, and there is a small chance that you are just hairy, depending on your ethnic group and all that, but it sounds a bit too much for me to be that.

so go to a good Endocrinologist as soon as possible

i'm currently in laser treatment, and the pain depends on how strong the hair is, if it was that painful that means u do in fact have very very thick hair, and this will suprise you, but the doctors have told me that shaving is not to blame, in fact the woman from laser recomended it.

before you say that i'm making this up, i know it sounds strange, but whats happening to you, is that your problem is getting worse, thats what's really making the hair grow thicker, not the blade, a woman with no facial hair can shave lets say... her chin (lets imagine its an experiment or she wishes to have hair there for some reason) the hair might grow a tiny bit darker coz it will be new hair that hasnt been 'naturally bleached' by the sun, but she will never grow a beard.

if after u checked (and its only a stetic problem) cant start your treatment right away, talk to your doctor and explain, maybe he/she can prescribe some pills that can help you control a bit, and vaniqa (i've heard is good) this would at least make it a bit more bareable, not having to depilate/shave that often

NOTE: dont use any metod that gets rid of the hair by ripping it off, like wax, tweezers, and all that, i'm responding real fast to the laser treatment, and those hairs are the ones that are giving me hell actually, it might be tempting coz they go for longer, but at the end is not worth it.

this post is too long so if you have any more questions let me know :angel: good luck