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QUOTE: "The lump comes and goes depending on the day.
Symptoms are usually (but not always) less in the AM and worse later in the day
Stress aggravates the symptoms.
Saliva is difficult to swallow yet food is easy to swallow.
Eating, in fact, often makes the tightness go away for a time.
Sometimes the symptoms are similar to getting choked up at a wedding or a funeral." UNQUOTE
or else

I've had this for years. Most of the time I must wear a v-neck or else I spend all day pulling at the neck of my shirt. I finally gave up on complaining to docs
I was told there was nothing there, so it must be anxiety.(or basicly "just in my head") They prescribed anxiety meds that did nothing for this problem.
I finally decided it must be related to my hiatal hernia / reflux diease.
I was also suspected of having a reaction to vasotec (ACE ) but that was not the case. The sensation was still there years after changing to other types of BP meds.
All of the above symptoms fit.