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There is DEFINITELY a tendency to delop a resistance to the effect of ACEI's but I think it takes a great deal more time than you've been on it.
I'll look up what the manufacturer claims to get in his tests, wait a sec :D:D:!
Cannot believe it??? I checked online and 2 old PDR's and neither list ANYTHING on the expected BP loweing for Vasotec. I can't BELIEVE a number like that isn't reported. Is it really THAT bad :D?? As I recall, all it did for/to me was make me cough.

Anyhow, alternative methods to produce Angiotensin 2 from other sources develop over time and make the ACE inhibition less effective.

I think it's best to ignore best and worst readings, just try to vary the time of testin a lot and then look at ONLY the average to determine efficacy of your treatment. Yes, 2 weeks is FAR to early to consider changing dosage; a month or even two is wiser.

(I'll keep looking for the expected enalapril effect on BP.)
I have a Cleveland Clinic print-out on Enalapril/Vasotec sitting in right front of me and it says:

..." It may take several weeks before you feel the full effect of this medication....."

Lenin is right...give it a little more time.

zuzu xx