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I haven't seen many people on this board on Uniretic, (Brand name: UNIVASC) although it IS considered a commonly prescribed hypertension med, simliar to many other ACE/HCTZ combo drugs.

Comparable meds would be Vasotec (enalapril+HCTZ), Zestoril (lisinopril+HCTZ), Capozide (captopril+HCTZ), and Lotensin HCT (benazepril+HCTZ).

The most common SIDE EFFECTS: Cough (that's the ACE component and about 1/3 of folks on ACEs develop a dry hack), dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, fatigue, myalgia (muscle pain).

A note in the pharmaceutical literature says:
Report promptly: headache, persistent sinus congestion.

You mention you've been plagued by chronic sinus problems ...maybe it's a co-incidence..or not!

You've misunderstood the info that Uniretic is used when other drugs won't work. What they mean is that normally it's a good idea to try a non-combo med first..either an ACE alone OR a diuretic alone or any other class of drug alone.
Then, if blood pressure isn't controlled enough, add a second drug, either with a built-in combo like you're taking or in two separate pills.

zuzu xx