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Quote from dreamer40:
I am surprised she didn't max out on the torprol first, my doctor says to stick to one medicine at a time, until you max out, before adding another, I got up to 100 mg torprol before she added altace an ace inhibitor, the torprol only made me tired during the day for a while but I adjusted and since I take it at night it helps me sleep a bit better then before and it decreased bathroom breaks during the night, but since taking the ace inhibitor I do go to the restroom a bit more, but no cough and my bp finally came down by more points per one starting dose than the torprol, tho the torprol helps ease my jaw pain.

and I am less nervous which probably explains not running to the restroom, but the ace inhibior is causing more bathroom trips especially during the day and more salt cravings which were never a problem before.


What dose of Altace are you on? My doc recently took me off of Benicar HCT and put me on 5mgs of Altace. It does a better job than the Benicar but I would like my BP to be a little lower. I was just wonderiong what the max dose is.

I don't have any side efffects from it either, in fact, I feel better than before.
There are several of the ACEI that are in generic form. I took enalapril in the past (it's the generic Vasotec) it was OK but I like the Altace better

Do you think the Altace helped with your nerves? It seems to me my anxiety is better than before too. I'm not going to the bathroom any more frequently
than before but I was already taking a diuretic.